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The Stab Magazine Stunt: the boldest of surf events

Blog - 07.13.2017

Natural partnership; unique opportunity For a few years now we’ve been flirting with the idea of partnering with a nautical event...

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How to use LED lighting on your dock to create a unique evening experience

Blog - 06.06.2017

Want to take your dock experience to the next level? Discover LED lights! They add an elegant touch, while promoting both a safe and...

differences between a floating dock and a stationary dock

The main differences between a floating dock and a stationary dock

Blog - 05.16.2017

People frequently ask us which is better: a floating dock or a stationary dock. First and foremost, before trying to find an answer to this...

Buying your dock in 3 simple steps

Blog - 04.03.2017

With summer around the corner (for northerners like us!) or temperatures rising up, many of you may already be in prep mode for your...

55th annual Vancouver International Boat Show: we were there.

Blog - 02.01.2017

Western Canada’s largest boat show, the annual Vancouver International Boat Show, held its 55th edition from January 18 to the 22, 2017....

Gift idea for boat sailing

Blog - 12.06.2016

When your loved one (or yourself) spends an awful lot of time daydreaming about next boating season (or tomorrow’s outing, for the lucky...

Check out this impressive layout in Florida!

Blog - 04.28.2016

Another satisfied customer: "I’ve been using the Candock system for 5 years now and I must say that there’s nothing out there to...


Blog - 10.29.2015

We are super thrilled to announce that MARINE LOCKER, a division of Bermuda Marine Supply and Services ltd., one of the oldest boatyard...

Candock in the “MINING” industry!

Blog - 08.28.2015

With the CANDOCK system, the possibilities are limitless! Indeed, with the relentless durability of its construction paired with an...

Candock Puerto Rico is now part of the Candock family!

Blog - 05.24.2015

We are proud to announce the arrival of a new member in the Candock family! Indeed, Mr. Desi Lopez Toledo and his team are ready to provide...

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