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#AL 003

The new preprogramed processors  allows you to choose from 10 different programs already integrated to literally give life to your CANDOCK dock  . Flashing lights , which dim from one color to another or “random” mode, these are all different ways to animate your cubes ! This converter has the same advantages as the one for white LED  lights and uses the same wiring. In addition , it offers you the possibility to be used on different voltage electrical outlets (110 volts or 220/240 volts) , simply select the proper mode inside the box and voila ! As if that was not enough , we can also deliverer converters with cutom programs to synchronize your light system according to various parameters . Such as music rythms (events , parties, receptions , banquets, etc …) , a particular configuration of your lights mimicking a sign or an image, or any other unusual configuration.